Karlton Utter

Senior Director, Network Engagement


What I do:

I have the privilege of leading our BHGRE network engagement team.  Our focus is to help sales professionals and brokers increase business by understanding consumer behavior, utilizing our exclusive products and tools, and staying in front of real estate trends. Productivity and growth do not come easy in this industry which is why we take a “real world” approach with our consulting and learning opportunities.   Our underlying message is to build relationships through enhanced client experiences and increase overall production… while also having some fun.

Favorite PAIGE Value:

That is a tough one, but for me it is passion. Passion is what drives me in all aspects of life. Passion for real estate, passion for family, and passion for music. It creates an internal drive that pushes me to constantly want to succeed in everything I do.

Before BHGRE:

A licensed New Jersey real estate broker and REALTOR®, I previously held positions in the industry that include office management, social media development and training, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, training, business development, and recruiting.


I like to keep busy. My amazing family includes my wife Cindi, daughter Lexi, and two sons Brayden and Campbell. Music is a big part of my life and I have been playing bass guitar and keyboards with The Hazmats since 1999. I love ’80s rock and we play a lot of it. Fitness is also something that is important to me, so when I have some free time you can catch me in the gym, running, mountain biking, skiing, or playing with the kids. [/one_half]

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